Click here for each year group long-term curriculum plan for topics and foundation subjects:


3M Yearly Overview


year-five 18


Four year curriculum plan

Full new T and L policy May 2014

Curriculum policy 2014

Whole-school-theme-overview 18

Year six literacy curriculum YEAR SIX LITERACY LONG TERM PLANNER 2017 and 2018

Year five literacy curriculum 5G 5G literacy long term 2017-2018

Year five literacy curriculum 5W Year 5W 2017 18 Lit long term

Year four literacy curriculum 4L  Year-4-2017-2018-Lit-Long-Term

Year four literacy curriculum 4G Year 4G 2017-18

Year four literacy curriculum 4I Year 4I 2017-18

Year three literacy curriculum Year 3SM 2017 – 2018

Year three literacy curriculum Year 3M 2017-2018 Literacy Long Term Plan

Numeracy-year-planner-2017-2018 YEAR 3

Numeracy-year-planner-2017-2018 YEAR 4

Numeracy-year-planner-2017-2018 YEAR 5

Numeracy-year-planner-2017-2018 YEAR 6

curriculum mapping document     Maths entitlement for all year groups

Curriculum map Science 2017-2018

For more detailed information about curriculum in our school, please contact:

Mrs. P.Hillman (all curricular areas); Mr S Leigh (Literacy Co ordinator); Mrs. S.Hill (Numeracy Co ordinator);

Mrs D Ditchfield (Science Co ordinator)

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