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Hi…….Gracie and Natasha here! We are part of the new year six for 2017 and we will be the new year six bloggers. Most of the school have been studying Roald Dahl this half term. We have already been doing lots of fun thing such as ; going on school trips , having  after school clubs like choir and brasstasic ,football and lots more. We have been doing lots of art like; creating our own dreams, drawing folk art [which  took us a long time!] we are really excited for this year’s adventures. This Friday we are having a Macmillan coffee morning and you all invited! PLEASE CAN YOU MAKE OR BUY CAKES AND BRING THEM INTO SCHOOL FROM TODAY TO FRIDAY !  

See you next time bye !!! Gracie and Natasha OUT!!



HI…….Morgan and Mikayleigh here….we are new in year six and will be blogging and keeping you up to date with our school. We are both prefects and at the moment we are busy putting the new school prospectuses together for year two children who might be joining our school….we’ve been working on Roald Dahl’s BFG in year six and we had a workshop and an assembly to do this week too so no time to BREATHE!! If you have anything you’d like to put on the website let us know…we are in 6H! Bye!


Hi…..Rhiannon here again. We had NSPCC number day on Friday and we all did some maths based on a box of Smarties! We did fractions with it in my groups and some did timing, block graphs, ratio, symmetry. We all dressed up in clothes with numbers on and paid a donation for the NSPCC. Break up on Friday for a REST!!! But we have to get through testing week first! Don’t forget pancakes and love hearts for Valentines Day. Bye.


Well, Christmas is over and we are back to school and working hard, especially in year six. This term we get to choose our topics and our is Monsters…we have learned about vampires, bunyips, werewolves, The Kraken, The Selkie, dragons to name a few but we are happy to now be moving on to VARJAK PAW OUTLAW! There are lots of clubs happening this term but for me and the rest of year six it is READ WRITE READ WRITE then MATHS, then REPEAT!!!! Oh well….soon be spring…love Rhiannon!




Hi….Time for another BLOG! There is lots going on in school at the moment. Children from all classes are busy rehearsing for the Christmas Show. I play one member of Barrow Council, but I am not saying any more than that at the moment, except that it is about CATS!! We have just had a parent open evening and my report was good. That’s because our teachers make us work, even when we are dressed up as SUPER HEROES like we were on Friday! It is our Christmas Fair on 27th November, so please come! I am putting on a photo of Ruby who won best dressed supporter at a Barrow AFC game recently! She asked me to put it on! Bye from Rhiannon





HI…September again, and another school year. We are Aimee and Rhiannon and we are going to blog about school this year. This is us getting stuff together for our first post, so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

WE think our school is a magical place for all students.We are going to tell you about some of the things that happen in our school, as they happen! So far this year, Year 6 has gone to the Dock Museum as part of their local history work,and soon we are going to Ambleside!.Year 3 have settled in and have gone on their first school trip this year.They have gone to Brockhole.We do all sorts of things in this wonderful school, like Viking Day, Mac millan coffe morrning and many others, and they’re all hosted by our staff and kids.In Greengate we all magpie ideas through the school.We do Christmas plays every year and rehearsals will be coming up soon if you would like to join. We also are working very hard on maths and literacy at  the moment, and have just enjoyed a live theatre production of Peter Pan by the M and M theatre group. So, that has been a busy first month at Greengate and hopefully there will be lots more coming up soon. Bye, from Aimee and Rhiannon



Hi…Jess here again, at the end of the Christmas term…phew!! I completed my role as Mrs. Cratchit in the Christmas show, which I think went rather well!! We held a Christmas Jumper day for Save the Children, where we raised £137, and over all we have raised about £400 for charities the Christmas! We have also completed a very wierd topic in year six…The Mayans…not quite sure why but it was quite interesting!! Well, Christingles are made and the carol service is nearly here so I’m signing off until next year…Merry Christmas, God bless us every one!!

Hi. I’m Jessica (6H) and I’m taking over Charlotte’s blogging for the school life this year! Lately year 6 went to Grasmere and listened to a famous poet Kit Wright read some poems. They also went to a museum to look at some interesting things and facts about William Wordsworth. They went to his cottage and had a look at pictures of his family and most were really interested in most of it. (About 80%)!!

6H had their Harvest assembly and there were some really interesting facts about a Harvest moon, and King Midas really entertained lots of people (Joshua Saywell). Phillomena also entertained a lot of people (Georgina Allen) and also other characters which are Selinus (Katie Sharkey), Dionisous (Thomas Pagan) and the 2 servants (Ellie Smith & Bethany Pullen). Most people in the assembly were very loud and clear and a few were quiet. The singing voices from everyone were amazing and also the year 3′s in particular.

The Christmas show is starting soon and we have a lot of people signing up this year. I am hoping to be one of the  mains or a dancer this year. I do not know much about what it is about. I am very exited about this year’s Christmas show because it will be my last one of this school. Lots of great Actors/Actresses in this show.

The year 3′s went on a school trip to Brockhole and I think they enjoyed it I heard they made something called Odd Socks and I heard they are reading this book in their classes and have done a few activities on this book.

Year 6′s have been reading Varjak Paw and they have created some really artistic cat pictures with patterns on them and writing lots of amazing writing down lots different sorts of writing styles lately. (I drew an amazing tiger)

The 5&6 girls and boys football teams have played some football tournaments and they both did very well at them both. Netball for year 5&6 has started again and also I have been hearing news lately about Hockey stuff by Mrs.Leigh.

Well, that’s my first blog post over!!! Half term at the end of next week…phew! Bye, Jess!


























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