Year 5

Year five become STEM ambassadors for year two children from Ramsden Infants…..October 2017.

Ramsden Infants joined us for a morning to solve a STEM problem activity. Year five lead the younger children through the activity, organised by Mrs Ditchfield, Science co-ordinator.

Fruity Friday for year five!

As part of their ‘healthy eating’ project, year five have had the chance to taste different fruits during their Friday break time….this has become a very popular event!

A FRIENDSHIP assembly from 5G -May 2017!

Miss Gatt’s class gave us a lovely final assembly on the importance of friendship…these children will be moving on to year six in September 2017…we look forward to it!

Miss Gatt’s class visit the science museum in Liverpool as part of their Spring term topic work…February 2017.


























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