The Arts.

‘Greengate Junior School makes excellent provision for the arts. A good
amount of curriculum time is devoted to the arts which is enriched by
partnerships with artists and arts organisations. Pupils are consulted
about the creative curriculum and are asked to discuss, vote and decide
upon a topic to be studied which includes all four art forms. Pupils are
given good opportunities to develop leadership through the arts and ‘arts
leaders’ represent the school. The school runs Arts Award Discover and in
future will provide opportunities for pupils to take Arts Award Bronze in
Year 6. Pupils’ progress and achievements in the arts are shared with the
community through the school’s Twitter page, the school’s website and
local newspapers. The leadership of the school has created a reflective
environment where all staff and pupils can contribute to the development
of its arts provision. The school has robust procedures for evaluating all
aspects of arts provision and determining future priorities.’

This is a quote from a report by Trinity College London, as part of our GOLD STATUS award (October 2014)


Art and design-policy-2014-2015


Gifted and talented transition art workshop with local artist Hannah Willets-June 2017:


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